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Tokenization of the Real Assets

We have tokenized
the first real fractional ownership of a property.
Made and realized in Germany

About Real Asset Token Factory

The Real Asset Token Factory (RAT-Factory) with its unique Real Asset Token (RAT-Token) is creating the link between real assets and the digital representation of the various types of rights linked to these assets. The RAT-Token is not solely representing ownership rights, but also the rights linked to the use of the asset or the right to participate in profits or gains generated by the asset. 
The use of tokenization is providing the advantage that the ownership, possession, and income rights can be easily fractionalized and allow that several Co-Owners can own a fraction of the asset. At the same time also the right to use the asset will be fractionalized as well.

A new erea of the advantages of Co-Ownership with the advantage of Time-Sharing! 

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